Urban Glass Hot Sheet Interview

A great article by Lindsay Woodroff that talks about my process with glass and how it fits into my larger studio practice.

"A new work in stained glass by Brooklyn-based artist Beau Stanton is featured in “Art Collector Starter Kit III” at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, CA, a large group exhibition featuring 12-inch-by-12-inch paintings from 37 artists that opened on Saturday, July 25th. The use of glass is a recent addition to Stanton's art practice, which typically includes paintings, prints, and murals.

The painter’s studio is situated on the second floor of a building in the industrial neighborhood of Red Hook, overlooking Louis Valentino Jr. Park and the Upper Bay of the New York Harbor. The view from his window is often lined with small boats and docking cruise ships; from the paintings and antique nautical items hung on the walls, the inspiration of this landscape is clear. Motifs of ships, submarines, and sea creatures can be found in a lot of his recent work, including the enameled stained glass panel titled “Derelict Vessel III” that is on view at the Corey Helford Gallery through Saturday, August 15th."

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