Seawalls Cozumel

"Save This Cathedral | Salva Esta Catedral"

This work was created for Seawalls Cozumel in collaboration with Pangeaseed Foundation and Proyecto Panorama.
Addressing the heavily damaged and disappearing coral reefs off the Isle of Cozumel, I chose to depict a shattering stained glass window composed of textures and patterns from local reef life. Aside from demonstrating the fragility of this unique ecosystem, its representation as a cathedral rose window is meant to raise questions about how we value human-made wonders versus natural ones.

After the recent, tragic Notre-Dame fire, I was impressed by how the shared worldwide grief ultimately leads to an outpouring of financial support that will help to restore this treasure. If only the global community responded in such a way to the crisis facing these irreplaceable natural wonders with the same force and urgency, we might have a chance to preserve these otherworldly places.