Red Bull House of Art Q&A

The bread and butter of Beau Stanton’s work resides in his oil paintings, but as a multidisciplinary artist, he wouldn’t dream of stopping there. Stanton’s multi-screen animation project conquered Times Square as part of the Midnight Moment project, where advertisements disappear and myriad artists take over. His work in stained glass was exhibited in a 12th-century crypt in the United Kingdom. And, in the last few years, his massive and equally complex murals have popped up around the globe from Los Angeles to Dubai and Detroit (for last year’s Murals in the Market).

At the Red Bull House of Art, he’s excited to get to work with his recently purchased sledge hammer and axe purchased at the local Home Depot.

“Not only am I getting ready for the zombie apocalypse,” jokes Stanton, “but these tools will also help me construct these mosaics.”

The 30-year-old artist is using his three-month residency at the House of Art to make his first foray into mosaic work. Partially influenced by some of the city’s greatest architectural treasures like the Fisher Building and the Guardian Building, Stanton has been collecting discarded building materials like bricks, ceramic and glass foraged from empty buildings around the city to bring his mosaics to life. He’s not limiting his scope, either. If the largest mosaic has to be destroyed to be removed after the exhibition, so be it. That’s part of the work itself.

“[This residency] is the most risk-free environment,” says Stanton. “I feel like I would be squandering the opportunity if I didn’t try something new. I want to make work that I can have in my portfolio that continues the progression of my work, but at the same time, it’s a chance for a departure.”

We sat down with Stanton during his residency stay at the House of Art to talk about Detroit’s influence as an artist; how history has influenced his style; and what sort of message he hopes the audience takes away from his work at the exhibition on November 11.

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Beau Stanton poses for a portrait outside Red Bull House Of Art, Residency 3 in Detroit, Michigan, USA on 31 August, 2016.

Lala Abaddon, Coby Kennedy, and Beau Stanton pose for a portrait outside Red Bull House Of Art, Residency 3 in Detroit, Michigan, USA on 31 August, 2016.