Rebaroque Artist’s Series @ SCOPE NY

My contribution to the Rebaroque Artist Series Sound wall at SCOPE NY composed of oil, collage, found fabric, and functional speakers.

Debuting at SCOPE New York, The Rebaroque Artist Series Sound Wall, curated by Lori Zimmer, combines our passions – art, sustainable design and music. Each Rebaroque sound panel is made from vintage fabrics, frames, hand painting and high quality Pyle speakers, and hook right up with your iPod or smart device.

Zimmer selected 20 artists to create unique collaborative pieces that not only look great on your wall, but play your favorite music as well. Artists include Beau Stanton, Claw Money, Cycle, Ellis G, Gaia, Ian Kuali’i, Jim Avignon, Jon Burgerman, Jonathan Viner, M11X, Martin Wittfooth, Mr. Kiji, Nathan Pickett, Orlando Reyes, Rostarr (as madluv x Rostarr), Ryan Bradley, Sharktoof, Tara McPherson and Vesta.

scope shot 01