Prismatic Paradigm

    On Saturday, June 10, Downtown Los Angeles’ Corey Helford Gallery (CHG) will proudly unveil the new solo
    exhibition -- titled “Prismatic Paradigm” -- from multi-disciplinary artist Beau Stanton. Featuring all new works
    from the SoCal native, “Prismatic Paradigm” will be on display in Gallery 3.

    Stanton presents a new body of work that fuses familiar gothic motifs and geometric archetypes with a diverse
    range of techniques including oil painting, printmaking, stained glass, woodworking, sculpture, and aerosol. Cryptic
    kaleidoscopic images occupy an immersive installation that illuminates and transports the viewer into a surreal
    space existing in an ambiguous time and place. Translucent layers of color glow between meticulously designed
    frameworks that compose rose window-like portals and multifaceted sculptures creating carefully crafted displays
    of light and shadow.

    While balancing apocryphal references to religious iconography with calculated geometric forms and engineered objects, Stanton concocts a luminous journey for the subconscious where past and present collide in a visual bacchanalia of chromatic brilliance.

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