I was recently featured in Papermag's article 9 NEW YORK-BASED STREET ARTISTS TO WATCH
by Emily Kirkpatrick

"Today, long after its evolution from subway vandalism to a beloved global art form, graffiti is a constant fixture of daily urban life, most of it as unremarkable as pigeons and dog shit. But there are exceptions to that rule: a handful of artists are currently painting our city Technicolor and proving that sometimes the message really is more than the medium. Here are nine of them.

Beau Stanton is technically more muralist and painter than professional street artist, with impressively detailed work that ranges from miniatures to paintings that cover entire facades. Stanton mixes historical, nautical and architectural references to create murals that seem perfectly suited to the Industrial Era -- that, or something out of a steampunk's wet dream. His paintings fuse the present and past into single images -- or, as he puts it, "enigmatic illuminations."

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