Juxtapoz: Prismatic Paradigm

"As we head to press on the next issue of Juxtapoz, with a feature on Beau Stanton in the works, we are always excited about how much range and exploration Beau has involved in his career over the last 5 years. Beau began painting as a 10-year growing up in Orange County, California. There are many reasons why this is fascinating, even charming, but one of the things that always intrigued me about this fact is the Orange County element of the revelation. Looking at his art, whether it be paintings, murals, mosaics, animations, I see an artist who should have been raised in the Post-Industrial heartland. Gears, ships and relics of the great American past are used with a classical decorum, not generally associated even with the heyday of California’s architectural vision.

In Prismatic Paradigm, Beau will be presenting paintings and illuminated works in unique light box settings, another new chapter in his wide-ranging career. "When I moved to New York, all I thought I could really do was draw and paint, and that’s what I was going to be<" Beau told us. "Be a painter, and that’s it. Working around other artists that cross into other media, I realized that, if you’re an artist, you don’t have to just paint. You don’t have to just do one thing!"

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Portrait by Ian Maddox