JUXTAPOZ: Mosaics in Detroit

"Before we went out to Detroit to see Beau's work from the residency, it was hard to fully comprehend the details and materials that Beau had sought out for these mosaics. Having known Beau to work in stained glass work in the past, as well as paintings, animation, and street murals, we were excited to see how he would work in a city that has long been one of his favorites to work in. Taking into accound the city's rich architectural history, from incredible buildings to some of the most innovative and massice manufacturing plants the world had ever seen in the early 20th Century, Beau decided to construct a series of mosaics from the remnants of those eras... from ceramic tile, brick, glass, stone and wood, each work in the residency not only had literal history, but were arranged in such a way that the materials took new life and new meaning."

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Beau Stanton artist progress at Red Bull House Of Art, Residency 3 in Detroit, Michigan, USA on 27 September, 2016.