Juxtapoz Interview: Machine Dreams

Excerpt from the recent in-print interview in Juxtapoz Magazine by Evan Pricco from the August 2017 issue:

"Beau Stanton began painting as a 10-year-old growing up in Orange County, California. There are many reasons why this is fascinating, even charming, but one of the things that always intrigued me about this fact is the Orange County element of the revelation. Looking at his art, whether it be paintings, murals, mosaics, or animations, I see an artist who should have been raised in the post-industrial heartland. Gears, ships and relics of the great American past are used with a classical decorum not generally associated with the heyday of California’s architectural vision.

Though this is the first time that there’s ever been a recorder between us, Beau Stanton and I have had this conversation before; a discussion of history and a particular story of America’s industrial wealth and the remains we still see today, the ornate structures we built, and the vestiges that survive. Detroit is the place for the definitive interview where Beau has created incredible mosaics from the stone, brick, ceramic tile and glass found in abandoned buildings, perfect for his residency and exhibition at Red Bull’s House of Art. This is a city that speaks to his work and informs his thought process more than any place at this point in his career.

Evan Pricco: Let’s start with Detroit, since we're here. You and I both grew up in California, a place that doesn’t necessarily have the antiquated architecture, or represent the grandiose era of American power and wealth like Detroit. I'm curious how you got interested in this period of American history, because I know this city really inspires you...."

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Beau Stanton artist progress at Red Bull House Of Art, Residency 3 in Detroit, Michigan, USA on 27 September, 2016.