Enigma Screen Prints @1xRun

My latest edition of prints titled "Enigma" become available on Monday, September 16th through 1xRun.com. These four color process screen prints are printed in two editions, one on 110 lb. French Paper and another on 16 ounce sheets of copper.

These prints were made in the past few weeks specifically for 1xRUN. The original image was created in early July 2013 for the Shades show at Corey Helford Gallery. The theme was to create a piece in a single or limited color palette so I crafted a new image in two versions, one in a red-orange range and another in blue-green. The limited color range made it perfect for the four color screen printing process, especially when printed on copper. Because the inks used are mostly transparent, the finished print takes on a kind of holographic look when the light reflects off of the copper and passes back through the ink layers. It’s difficult to capture this effect in photos, but the end result is really beautiful.

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