Culture: Cataclysmic Creativity

I was recently interviewed by David Jenison for Culture Magazine. Here's a bit from the article:

Stanton considers himself a painter and muralist, in that order, and he primarily paints on large wood panels that he constructs in his studio. He prefers wood to canvas because it is a more substantial object and he can do more with texture. He sometimes sands back into a painting to give the illusion there are different layers and that the painting has a history that’s been covered over.

“I have a background in classical painting techniques, but my goal is to preserve and improve upon a lot of these classical techniques and present them in a contemporary way,” says Stanton. “I like to work with familiar iconic visual symbols that have a lot of esoteric meaning. Sometimes I’ll stitch together a combination of images and symbols that are interesting to me, but what is more interesting is seeing how the viewer interprets them. Centuries of applied baggage and meaning are in a lot of these images, and two people might come away from the same painting with completely different interpretations. There can be a lot of meat on the bone for people to extrapolate as opposed to spoon-feeding a basic meaning.”

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