BSA Coverage: LoMan Mural

New article covering the LoMan Festival up on Brooklyn Street Art:

"The hits just keep on coming in Lower Manhattan (despite the closing of LIT Lounge) as Beau Stanton, Ludo, and ASVP finished their murals in a tie-breaker this week for the LoMan Arts Festival. Somewhere in the village there is a very large Os Gemeos wall going up as well and we’re thinking of having a drink in Little Italy today after strolling on the High Line – Suddenly Manhattan feels sort of HOT.

Aaaand, it’s done! “My largest mural to date and first done with aerosol,” says Beau Stanton of this mind-splitting mural, as he encourages us to allow our thoughts and positive cogitations to continue to grow by the day.
In thanking his hosts he also gives a shout out to the guys at Project Renewal Men’s Shelter on his Facebook page. This part of town has been a refuge for folks down on their luck historically, although these places are disappearing quickly."

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Photo © Jaime Rojo