Arcane Archetypes Print Portfolio $150

    Arcane Archetypes Print Portfolio
    5 Various Size Archival Prints on 300gsm Fine Art Paper In 8 x 10 Inch Screen Printed Portfolio
    Edition of 75

    2 Available

    "My first intention with this body of work was to create a series of images that instill a lasting imprint into the viewer’s subconscious. As an initial point of departure I started to research one of the most recognizable and iconic sets of images, the Major Arcana of the Tarot. After studying several existing decks, I discovered that some of the images shared common ground visually and conceptually with several paintings I had created in the past. With Arcane Archetypes, I aim to present these images in a contemporary way in order to provide some insight into their meaning and potential as extremely dense communicative devices."

    This 5 Print Set Contains:
    - (4) 7 x 10 Inch Signed/Numbered Prints: "Death", "The Hierophant", "The Magus" & "The World"
    - (1) 6 x 10 Inch Signed/Numbered Print "The Tower"
    - (1) Screen Printed Arcane Archetypes Print Box Portfolio


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    Beau Stanton- The World

    Beau Stanton- Death


    Beau Stanton- The Heirophant

    Beau Stanton- The Magus

    Beau Stanton- The Tower