Curators Lori Zimmer and Natalie Kates are pleased to present “Calm Before the Storm,” a two-person show by Beau Stanton and Logan Hicks, which opens October 17th from 6-9pm at the Highline Loft.  Taking inspiration from nautical superstition, flood myths, classical paintings, life changing events and the modern issue of rising seas, the artists have created new paintings, multiples, and a site-specific installation of a reconstructed ship and captain’s study. 

Through oil painting, installation works and multiples, Beau Stanton’s take on “Calm Before the Storm” meshes the artist’s long-time interest in nautical lore, relating the storied takes of deluge myths and divine retribution to the current concerns with global climate change and rising waters.  Stanton takes influence from classical painting and sculpture, weaving ancient superstitions with modern environmental realities.